Why Should You Vote for Me?

I give you five simple reasons

I Get Things Done

I am motivated to find practical and workable solutions based on the best information available. I love brainstorming with others but I don’t like talk for its own sake. I am eager to roll up my sleeves with others to make things happen. 

I Have Vision

I believe in being a good steward of financial, natural, and human resources for future generations. Provo needs leadership to ensure smart growth. I will work hard to find ways to protect Provo’s vibrant and exceptional family neighborhoods while also identifying appropriate locations for affordable and mixed housing to keep our real estate prices across the city reasonable. I will work to clean our air by making Provo more walkable, bike-able, and accessible to all forms of transportation, and I will work to improve our recycling services. I am committed to promoting local agriculture and our farmer’s markets, protecting and restoring our natural resources such as Utah Lake, Provo River, and our local canyons. I will also be a champion of our public schools and vigilant about preserving public safety as well as our moral and cultural environment.


Handley-13 2.jpg

I Listen

You can depend on me to listen to and communicate with you and to work hard for what is best. I am not motivated by any particular political philosophy but by wanting to meet the city's needs. Please feel free to contact me at the link above.


I Value Local Businesses

I am a believer in entrepreneurs, in small businesses, and in the innovative spirit of Provo and will work hard to protect and maintain Provo’s proud tradition of incubating new start-ups and to reward those businesses who have stuck with Provo as we’ve grown. 


I Love Culture

I am passionate about the role of the humanities in the community, having proudly worked with the state agency, Utah Humanities, for many years. I will be dedicated to bringing the finest traditions of arts and culture (including food!) and public conversation to our wonderful city.