Why am I Qualified to Serve on the City Council?

I am a leader who listens with compassion and attention. I love people. I work to build real community and a sense of belonging for all. I have excellent communication skills, leadership and administrative experience, and a reputation for generating creative ideas, maintaining civility, and getting things done. 

These skills have been developed while serving in the following leadership capacities:

Administrator in higher education

Although I like the world of ideas, I am not an absent-minded professor! I am organized, dependable, and experienced at building alliances with diverse constituencies across campus. For several years, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of successful budget management, employee development, conflict resolution, event planning, and visionary leadership. Crucial to these tasks is my commitment to and reputation for being civil. I will work hard to improve communication and engage in productive partnerships between BYU and the city. 

educator and writer

I engage with differences of opinion on a daily basis. I understand that listening and learning are vital to successful leadership. I know the importance of being fully informed, how to research, and how to revise and improve plans in light of new information. I have written about Provo’s environmental and cultural heritage, resulting in an award-winning memoir called Home Waters, and I also write often about my LDS faith. I served as a consultant on the development of the “Conservation and Stewardship” website at lds.org, which summarizes my own views on environmental stewardship. Here is my professional website.

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Board member of Non-Profits

Over the past 19 years, I have served on 9 non-profits, often in a leadership position or as a founding member. For example, I have served for 7 years as a member of Provo’s Sustainability and Natural Resources committee where I worked to improve recycling, promote cleaner air, and preserve agriculture. I have also been a leader in preserving Rock Canyon from unwanted development and in developing a plan for its improvement. Because of my many efforts to decrease tensions over environmental issues in Utah by promoting common values of stewardship, I was awarded The Nature Conservancy Partner of the Year in 2013.