We have known George Handley and his family for several years. He is a good listener and very interested in strengthening our community. We believe he will do this with insight, compassion, civility and energy. His record of leadership in non-profit organizations, in education and community issues is exemplary. We endorse him for City Council District 2. 

-David and Denise Williams

We confidently endorse George Handley as a member of the Provo City Council, representing District 2. George's possesses a wide variety of skills, interests, and abilities, including fluency in Spanish. He has been involved in extensive research in Latin America and has served as a translator on numerous medical humanitarian assignments to Spanish speaking countries. Through these experiences, George has developed a greater empathy and a better understanding for other cultures and peoples. Recent demographic statistics about the City of Provo reflect that our population makeup has increased to over 17% Hispanic. We need George Handley’s linguistic skills, his uncompromised values, and his passion for community as a part of the Provo City Council to better manage the increased challenges that our city faces. George has a well-known commitment for accountability in all that he does and will promote an atmosphere of openness in the area of government finances. If you want to see honest people in government, please join us in voting for George Handley as a member of the Provo City Council!

-Jim & Ann Calder

I am endorsing George Handley for City Council in the 2nd District of Provo because I know the integrity of his heart and his commitment to work for what is in the best interest of the City of Provo and the residents of this district. He is an articulate leader with a good vision for the future.

-Stephen Biddulph

I'm excited that George Handley is running for Provo's City Council. I appreciate his thoughtful approach to people and problems, his support for the environment, his engagement in neighborhood and city issues, and his concern over hyper-partisanship.  George brings the kind of leadership that Provo and District 2 need. 

–Pat Eyler

I love that someone as bright, capable, trustworthy and conscientious as George desires to serve our city to make it better! It is evident to me that George cares deeply about our neighborhood and the people in it. It's a bonus that he loves the outdoors and wants to protect our beautiful surroundings. I am absolutely confident that he will serve on the city council with integrity, thoughtfulness and fairness in all the decisions he makes. 

–Emily Craig

George has spent the greater part of his life engaging thoughtfully with others. For the last 17 years, he has encouraged both of us through graduate school, the early phases of our careers, and the ups and downs of our busy family life. He has mentored countless others and has awakened many more to the importance of civic involvement. We can’t imagine a more impassioned and articulate advocate for our neighborhood and community.

  –Marlene & Emron Esplin

George is a fair-minded listener who sincerely cares about individuals and the community. He has a gift for bringing opposing sides together and engaging in objective and productive dialogue. We admire his strong work ethic and willingness to address difficult issues. Provo will benefit from this gifted leader’s influence.

-Brent & Lori Meisinger

George Handley is an experienced leader with a passion for Provo City and its unique treasures. He has the ability to explore and understand complex issues and then create and articulate meaningful and comprehensive solutions in a non-partisan fashion, a perfect fit and approach for any city council. He will cultivate civility in deliberation and reach out to everyone as he promotes and preserves all that is good about Provo.

-Kimberly Lohner

If you agree that good local government rests upon asking the right questions and engaging in honest, informed, rigorous and generous dialogue to find the best solutions, then you owe it to yourself to jump into a conversation with George Handley and experience firsthand how he will exemplify these essential qualities on the Provo City Council.  

-Bruce & Jenny Haraguchi

George Handley is smart, well informed, and he cares deeply about the communities in Provo. We are confident that he will be an outstanding member of the Provo city council." -

-Stan & Leslie Benfell

George Handley is experienced in helping persons work together productively. He listens carefully and communicates clearly. He analyzes varied views, available facts, and cost/benefit issues before making a decision and taking action. His core concern will be what is good for the community, short term and long term. These abilities contribute to my strong support of George.

-Francine Bennion

Athelia Graham

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